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Profiles and rankings

Enhance your ability to anticipate competitors and identify fruitful collaborations that will drive your strategy forward, with a wealth of in-depth insight on all industry participants.

Industry rankings

Your one-stop shop to track the most active players in each segment of the market. Monitor your peers and partners, benchmark your performance and explore business development opportunities, with the option to “deep dive” via LinkedIn profile.

Investor database and profiles

Access detailed profiles of LPs, GPs, funds, corporates and other institutional investors, including timelines, milestones, top placement agents, co-sponsors and more – plus the option to deep-dive into every transaction, live bid and direct investment.

Lender database and profiles

Stay up to date on lender activity across different sectors, geographies and types of activity, including total amounts lent and the spectrum of deals each lender is involved in.

Advisor database and profiles

Access detailed statistics on financial, legal, technical and insurance advisors active in the market, and identify potential collaborators.

Unlock new opportunities with our powerful tools

Predictive analytics

Use our powerful, customisable analytics to extrapolate trends, anticipate future transactions and seize opportunities.

Fund Intelligence

Access essential data on funds, institutional investors, GPs and corporates at all stages of fundraising and investment.

Profiles and Rankings

Track, benchmark and evaluate players across the market, from investors and lenders to advisors and beyond.