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Predictive analytics

Unleash the possibilities of tomorrow and see your future success take shape right now by harnessing our integrated, easy-to-use and uniquely customizable analytics platform.

Trend reports and analytics

Stay up to date on the latest analysis and high-level trends across the industry including transaction and fundraising volumes over time and by sector.

Transaction analytics

Predictive equity and debt analytics let you spot trends and opportunities across assets held in closed-end funds, live in-market bids, and refinancing opportunities up to 10 years from now.

Future transactions

Harness predictive analytics to give you advance, “heard-it-here-first” notice of M&A opportunities likely to arrive on the market.

Unlock new opportunities with our powerful tools

Industry-Leading Data and Analysis

The most comprehensive database of industry players, performance stats and other vital insight, enhanced with expert analysis.

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Fund Intelligence

Access essential data on funds, institutional investors, GPs and corporates at all stages of fundraising and investment.

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Profiles and Rankings

Track, benchmark and evaluate players across the market, from investors and lenders to advisors and beyond.

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