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Fund intelligence

Keep several steps ahead of the market and capitalize on the possibilities others often miss, with fine-grained, constantly updated insights on funds and fundraising across the market.

Funds data

Access vital data on specific funds, institutional investors, GPs and corporates at every stage of the fundraising and investment process, enabling you to spot more opportunities, benchmark effectively and power the origination of deals.

Fundraising and LP data

Get the inside track on assets and funds under management, LP commitments, fund performance and primary investor documentation. Explore fund investments including current and realized assets along with live bids.


Search and export vital project and investor documentation, from agreements and public documents to meeting notes, progress reports, investor pitchbooks, sustainability reports and more.

Unlock new opportunities with our powerful tools

Industry-Leading Data and Analysis

The most comprehensive database of industry players, performance stats and other vital insight, enhanced with expert analysis.

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Predictive analytics

Use our powerful, customisable analytics to extrapolate trends, anticipate future transactions and seize opportunities.

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Profiles and Rankings

Track, benchmark and evaluate players across the market, from investors and lenders to advisors and beyond.

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