Building Advantage for Infrastructure Investment Professionals

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Infralogic is the only infrastructure service to combine news, data, and predictive analytics to help you win new deals.


Powered by 26 years of transaction data and investigative journalism, Infralogic enables infrastructure investment professionals to identify future M&A and refinancing opportunities, compare debt structures, analyze new markets, and manage their pipeline all in one place.

  • Identify opportunities before they come to market

  • Prioritize resources using custom deal pipeline creation tools

  • Track peers by sector to gauge competitive landscape

  • Uncover investment opportunities using predictive future fund transactions tool

  • Map investors, funds, lenders, and advisors to originate new business

  • Data

    • World’s most comprehensive transaction database including pre-launch & cancelled deals

    • Private asset financials

    • Investor, fund, lender and advisor database

  • Knowledge

    • Augment proprietary sourcing with real-time market moving news

    • Track bidding patterns of competitors

    • Understand financial advisory relationships

  • Search

    • Natural Language Search

    • Saved search capability

    • Personalized push notifications

  • Analysis

    • In-depth, proprietary market analysis on important trends

    • Data-driven journalism

    • Analytics on all key geographies and sectors

    • In-depth profiles of investors and funds

See how Infralogic can do more for you