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Investor Relations Platform

Deliver the world-class service your clients expect with efficient, timely, and accurate insights that deepen relationships at every touchpoint and interaction.

Maximize service efficiency

Centralize and streamline your management of all aspects of the client relationship to strengthen trust, improve communication, and deliver outstanding service.

Nurture relationships

Develop and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of each client’s needs, portfolio holdings and performance history to continually tailor and improve their experience.

Investor Relations in action

Private Fund Managers (GPs)

Discover a dynamic, adaptable platform that will truly set your firm apart. Backstop empowers you with the ultimate single source of truth, revolutionizing how you raise and retain capital, supercharge business development, and foster meaningful connections with allocators, consultants, and other participants in your universe. Unlock your firm’s full potential today.

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  • Funds of Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity, Venture Capital & Real Estate

Consultants, Advisors & OCIOs

Backstop is your trusted ally in optimizing the investment and client life cycle. Our solutions create a single source of truth for multi-asset research and portfolio management, driving prospect and client satisfaction, fostering loyalty and ensuring long-term retention. Stay ahead of the competition with Backstop’s cutting-edge solutions.

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Investor Relations up close

Client understanding

Track investors’ behaviors and preferences to anticipate and exceed their expectations

Client portal

Distribute documents seamlessly with each client through a secure, branded portal.

Seamless connectivity to Administrator data

Automate fund admin data into Backstop,to support high-quality investor interactions.

Effortless reporting

View, analyze and report on investors’ account activity, liquidity and performance.

The big picture

Understand the breadth, depth and financial impact of every client and manager.

Greater transparency

Respond with agility and accuracy to investor and regulatory transparency demands.

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